Silver Lining Tutoring Services

Where The Clouds Disappear

Mission Statement

The mission of Silver Lining Tutoring Services is to educate the children of Trinidad and Tobago. Our commitment is to inspire and transform the lives of children where they are able to become independent citizens whereby continuously evolving within their environment.

Through diverse teaching strategies children are exposed to new ideas which embark on a holistic journey that will deepen their values and interests encouraging them to pursue excellence in everything they do.


  1. Integrity
  2. Respect clients and team members
  3. Deliver quality, enriched service
  4. Be passionate, creative and open minded
  5. Build solid team relationships and support team members
  6. Pursue growth and learning
  7. Be committed to everything you do
  8. Keep lines of communication open and honest
  9. Accountability
  10. Leadership
  11. Professionalism
  12. Accept feedback and improve from it


Individual Attention

Students thrive when they are able to work at their own pace. At Silver Lining Tutoring Services we believe in keeping our ratio 3:1 to maximize students’ potential.

Skype Sessions

Skype Sessions are available to our students. While in the comfort of their homes, students are able to access an education through technology. We do not believe that this platform is suitable for all students as some students may need that one-on-one personal interaction.

Google Classroom

Practice makes permanent. Our Google Classroom encourages students to practice the skills that they have been taught and obtain further guidance and help from our tutors.

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